The new non-profit organization based in New York, London, and Paris, is named “repons” because it is inspired by the emblematic composition of a musical dialogue, composed by Repons’ then Honorary Board Chairman, Pierre Boulez. The foundation’s name denotes its goal to create dialogues and build bridges by commissioning and producing performing art projects in which music, sciences, social issues, new technologies, visual arts and all forms of stage work respond to each other.

Repons believes that these dialogues can open up with contemporary music new perspectives and generate rich exchanges between continents and between generations. The Repons’ performances are to facilitate the public’s exploration and understanding of such diverse and vital matters as ethical issues of current scientific programs raised by scientific progress, the social impact of new technologies, or the global effects of today’s wars and migrations.

In a time when the lines between disciplines and aesthetic frames dissolve, these crucial interactions will open new perspectives to the performing arts. These exchanges constitute the raison d’être of Repons. Commissions of new works and education outreach through open workshops and master-classes will function as its pillars.

Mies Julie - In Paris in the spring of 2016, Repons’ first production was a smash hit, Mies Julie, written and directed by Yaël Farber, a dramatic adaptation of a great Nineteenth century classic where August Strindberg’s Miss Julie, is transported in the raw Twentieth century environment of the post -apartheid in South Africa.

A Man of Good Hope – Its second production is a dramatic and operatic transposition of the best-seller book by Jonny Steinberg entitled “A Man of Good Hope.  It recounts the migration and the ordeal of a young Somali orphan in his pursuit of survival and livelihood throughout the African continent. After having opened in Cape Town in August 2016, the work was performed by the Isango Ensemble, at the Young Vic, in London early October. Repons, as lead producer is co-producing with the Young Vic, the Royal Opera at Covent Garden, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Les Théâtres de Luxembourg.

The Feeling Brain - The third project is a commission co-authored by two of the world’s leading neurologists, Hanna and Antonio Damasio, of the Dornside Brain and Creativity Institute at USC, together with one of the world’s leading choreographers.  Central to this piece will be the “Feeling Brain” and Spinoza’s discovery of drives, motivations, feelings, emotions and behaviors: a performance principally inspired by Prof. Damasio’s world bestseller “Looking for Spinoza”.


Repons’ President: Alain Coblence is the French-American founder of several international institutions fostering mutual understanding through art performances and cultural exchanges. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he founded the European Mozart Foundation, a chamber music academy in Prague, Budapest and Krakow which contributed to the healing of this divided and bruised region of Europe. He also created 'andante', “the gold standard among classical music websites” (New York Times) which included a record label dedicated to mining and preserving exceptional historical performances in a unique CD/Book collectible format. An attorney with a transatlantic practice, he serves on the board of numerous foundations.